Friday, March 27, 2009

It's your wedding day.... hire a professional!

I made this video to show you the difference between handycam footage & a professional produced wedding video.

Many people think, "Why Do I need to hire a professional to video? I have a family member already." The consumer level hand held camera doesn’t compare to the professional video and sound equipment we use. We customize our camera & sound based on each event. With a hand held, you never know what kind of picture or audio it will produce in varied settings. Not only that, but wedding & event videography is a pretty large responsibility, and you just never know if you can trust the accuracy and reliability of the hand held filmer. It only happens once, what if they forget to change the battery, or bring an extra tape? Often times, people regret having family members do it, because sometimes they never see their wedding video again, and if they do, it’s very shaky, hard to make out, and impossible to hear.

You have just one chance to make sure all of the emotions, the love and the laughter are preserved for you to relive again and again. This is your WEDDING DAY! Hire a professional!

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