Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dane Curtis {Ellensburg Track Meet}

We love our 70-200 :)

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Business Beginnings....

Long before I met my other business half, my husband, a fellow lover of photography & videography.... I had some beginnings of my own. My family started a photo/video business in 1991, (Linda Holmes, Treasured Memories) -which growing up in the biz gave me a huge appreciation for the art of photography & videography. I was going through old pictures today and found some fun ones that I'd like to share. :)

Age 2
- My first camera, Age 4 - My 1st business adventure!

Age 5 - My first wedding show (not there for photography just yet.)
Age 8 - Another business adventure in the front yard!

Age 12 - My 1st Polaroid, Age 15 - 1st Video Camera, Age 17 - My 1st Digital Camera

I'm so glad my mom was there with the camera at every Christmas, every event, every age of my life. Looking back it's fun to see me as a kid having fun taking pictures, always trying new things, wanting my own business like my parents, haha. Getting my own video camera at age 15 was probably one of the best gifts I could have ever gotten. I took the camera everywhere and shot all sorts of fun things with my friends and family. I'm pretty sure at the time, some people were like, "oh great, Amy's bringing out the camera again" but now I'm very glad that I have all those memories of my high school years! Needless to say, my life has been well documented, and it has prepared me well for my career as a photographer & videographer!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tavis - Amy - Kira - exloration day!

Yesterday we all had some free time so we decided to roam around Yakima and have some fun doing what we love! (snapping pictures of course) Here are a few of us relaxing in the grass, goofing off, and having a good time. A lot of which happened to be in the wind, so our hair is blowing. Normally we use our flashes and flash systems, but recently I've become a way bigger fan of natural and available light.

I'm soooo excited that summer is almost here!

Kira! -my sis inlaw

Me and the husband. :)

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