Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a little sneak peek!

Monica & Kevin were married at Ritter farms yesterday.... a place that is very special to them- many childhood memories there, and I believe they met there as well! These two are so in love, let me tell you. It was so great getting to know them and seeing them interact on their wedding day. The day was perfect; not too hot, everyone happy, everything was happening on time.... (pretty rare for a wedding day to be on time, so yesterday was delightful to not feel rushed) We loved how easy going they were, and how easy it was to photograph them. The Ritters had the booth next to us at the wedding show this past January, so we were excited to have the opportunity to do a wedding there! Thanks for having us Monica & Kevin, you guys are wonderful!!

Here is a sneak peek of the wedding day. More pics soon.

{The First Look}

{The Ceremony on the Island} this is the part where they all pretended to forget the rings :)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love God. Love People. Love Photography :)

On Monday we all got together for a Yakima photographer's BBQ at Phil & Jessica's house!
It was a good time with some old friends & some new friends as well.
Learned how to play the game FARKLE. ever heard of it? Pin It Now!