Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ashley & Aaron Sneak Preview

Ashley & Aaron were married last friday at the Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA.

{wow.} we found one of our new favorite venues. This place is on it's own little island at Semiahmoo Bay that overlooks Canada. There are TONS of places for photos and we had so much fun wandering around to them all. Really great weather, lots of cloud cover and no rain, yay!

not only were we working with a great venue, but Ashley & Aaron were totally laid back and so great to work with. Their wedding had several traditional splashes amongst a huge group of very nontraditional individuals. My favorite part about Ashley is that when she gets her mind set on something she just goes for it. Like when all the bridal party decided to walk all the way around to get up to our next photo spot, Ashley sees a rock wall and just starts climbing up there. I ask them if they want to get in the water and they just jumped right in. We say to the bridal party: hey, why don't you guys get in this boat? And they all start running. If you want to make me a happy photographer, take our suggestions and just GO FOR IT. I do taking photos that are totally random and colorful. {like these}

so, I really love tattoos. You wouldn't guess that considering I don't have any {can't seem to decide on one for myself} but I really admire tattoos as artwork. As you'll see in these photos, Ashley & Aaron have some amazing & colorful tattoos. they make my photos look even better ;-)

{THE SHOES} this was her first wedding purchase, even before the dress

{eating her bouquet berries}

doing "the wave"

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