Monday, September 6, 2010

just a small sliver of their wedding day.

With our all day photography collections, I can promise my clients a minimum of 500 images to tell the story of their day. So of those 500 really sweet images, how do I even begin to choose the ones I want to use as their sneak peek!? Trust me, it's hard. As much as possible I try and choose images that are unique to them... poses they came up with, them laughing together. I also want to try and pick very flattering pictures; pictures that showcase their attire and their love in a tasteful way. I also like to pick some detail shots that made their wedding unique... but often times I'll choose photos simply because I'm memorized by the color of the scenery, or just because I feel the joy leaping out of the picture.

For everyone who sees these sneak peeks and thinks that I just quickly pluck a few out.... oh no. These sneak peeks take me a few hours to put together because it's really hard to narrow down my favorite moments. Doing the sneak peek is one of my favorite parts of the editing process... getting to scan through the images for the first time and say "ooooh, this is neat," or "OH wow, I didn't even notice that at the time." or "aaah, nice job Tavis, I had no idea you were even capturing this while I was shooting something completely different!" Anyhow, all of that to say... this is just a small sliver of their wedding day photography collection, but just enough to see some of the joy that was shared by this very very happy couple. :)

my favorite::

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