Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kayla & Luke:: A Cascade Garden wedding on a Saturday evening

Are you ready for a sweet list? Let me tell you all the many things I loved about Kayla & Luke's wedding.

  1. I like Kayla. She has this amazing personality that just makes you want to love her. Right from the very first time we emailed back and forth about her wedding day, the day we met for coffee, and so on, we just clicked. ALSO, if you haven't heard her sing in real life or on facebook, she has a wonderful voice. When I grow up, I want to sing just like Kayla. :) She was playing the piano and singing the morning of her wedding, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. I loved their wedding colors: marigold & brown. I had a whole year when these were my favorite colors, so still near & dear to my heart.
  3. I loved their choice of date. Maybe I'm partial to the second Saturday in September? {that's when tavis & I got married.... 9-13-08}
  4. I loved their choice of music. I honestly didn't hear a single song come on that I didn't like. You know you're diggin the wedding music when you have the urge to whip out shazam on the Iphone. {although tempted, I didn't} Instead I just asked Kayla if I could get a copy of the playlist sometime. She said that she and her sister made the playlist for the ipod to play at the wedding. Nice job ladies.
  5. I loved how Luke and his brothers pretty much laughed all day long. The groomsmen pictures had more giggling than I'd ever seen come out of a bunch of guys before. It was great!
  6. I loved it when the florist walked in while the girls were getting ready and said something like, "Did you know someone is singing karaoke out there?" We're like no, we haven't been outside, and she says "Yea, someone is singing and they're really bad!" {apparently one of the groomsmen was warming up the DJ mic early in the morning as people were decorating and getting ready.}
  7. As is turns out, all that practice was put into play during the reception. My final favorite moment was when Luke & Jose broke out into karaoke to end the night. The whole crowd was busting up with laughter and joy. Luke was singing his little heart out to Kayla, {snapped a photo} scanned the crowd.... found Kayla.... she has her hands covering her face looking a tad bit concerned and completely embarrassed {snapped a photo} I'll have to put these side by side later. :)

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