Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The transition starts today.

3 years ago Tavis and I started Memory Montage Productions because our dream was to become a full-time photo + video production company. Gradually our interest and our focus has shifted more onto the photography side of things, and there just isn't enough time in our schedules to continue to offer both photo + video. The plan is to slowly transition out of the video production side of things, and into memory montage photography. Luckily it's such a subtle change that it doesn't affect our website name {memorymp.com} AND "productions" has the same amount of letters as "photography" so it's fairly easy to swap out everything "productions" I've created thus far. :)

so here's my list of how to change your business name if you're a photographer:
  1. register your new trade name on your master business license
  2. make the changes on your website, email, and blog
  3. order new business cards & other marketing materials
  4. order new checks
  5. change your signage
  6. change the name on your contracts, booking packets, envelopes, return address labels, etc.
  7. change your account info through your printing lab, online gallery, paypal
  8. change your facebook page name (if they ever change the rule & you're allowed to)

soooooo that's not all going to happen today, but I'm going to get started on number 1, 2, & 3 at least.

The business card before & after:

Thanks to all who support MMP (now mmPHOTOGRAPHY) :)
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