Saturday, October 16, 2010

Selah Wedding Photographer :: Brad & LisaRene

Brad & LisaRene
Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Selah United Methodist
Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Flowers: Findery
DJ: Entertainment Plus
Rentals: Party Palace and Party Connection
Hair: Salon Madrid Selah
Makeup: Salon Latour

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sammamish Wedding Photographer :: Marie & Abe

Marie & Abe Wise
Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sahalee Country Club
Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Flowers: Edmonds Flower Shop
Catering: Provided by Sahalee Country Club
wedding dress: David’s Bridal

You can view more of our Sammamish Wedding Photography on our portfolio site
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yakima Wedding Photographer :: Roger & Ronda

Roger & Ronda Beaudry
Friday, September 17, 2010

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Cascade Gardens
Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Catering: Toni @ Too Busy To Cook
Flowers: Kameo Flower Shop

You can view more of our Yakima Wedding Photography on our portfolio site
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wenatchee Wedding Photographer :: John & Jenn

John & Jenn Schapman
Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ceremony & Reception Venue: St. Joseph's Church Wenatchee
Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Cake: Becky's Wedding Cakes
DJ: Wenatchee Big Band, Tom McNair
Wedding Dress: I Do Bridal Seattle, WA

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vintage Wedding Photos:: Alexis & Adam

Seriously, I have the best clients in the world. All of my brides thus far have been so great to work with, so easy to photograph, and I LOVE seeing all their personalities shine through in their wedding decor and details. Tavis and I are extremely lucky that we get to spend every weekend with great people, seeing new places, working with new colors, and photographing their unique wedding ideas & moments. Have I mentioned before that being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world? I think I have. :)

Alexis & Adam were married last Saturday at the Canyon River Ranch, and this was our first time shooting there. Tavis & I have driven through the Canyon MANY times during the two years we lived in Ellensburg. We had seen this lodge being built and thought it would be a cool place to get married. And it is! It rained almost the whole day but while we were out taking pictures it didn't seem to phase them at all. He proposed in the rain too so it's kind of a part of their history. :) There were lots of vintage touches on this wedding, including all the dresses and hairstyles of the bridesmaids!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day::

{you can really see the rain in this shot!}

{donuts instead of cake!}
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Monday, October 11, 2010

not just another wedding, it's a wedding with a PHOTOBOOTH!

With our wedding photography collections we offer an a-la-carte option to have a photobooth at the wedding reception. Since each photobooth setup is different and unique, many people wonder what ours is and how it works. Our photobooth setup is a backdrop with props and a photographer there to take the high resolution photos. We prompt the guests to try and have four different poses. After the wedding we’ll edit all of the photos and give them to our client on disc. We also put them in an online gallery for the guests to view or purchase. A lot of times people will print them out and stick them in the thank you notes; they make great favors! This option is so fun for guests, and it leaves them ranting and raving about the wedding.

There is usually a crowd gathered around the prop table, ready to hop in, so I think the pressure creates adrenaline to quickly dress up and people just start acting crazy! Here are some of my favorite shots from Nick & Brianne's wedding yesterday at the Fontaine Estates Winery

^^ This is the bride & groom. She wore jeans under her dress the whole day. Yes, including the ceremony & reception!!

I think the most popular props are 1) the orange scarf 2) the blow up monkey 3) the shell bikini. Those three things I think I saw used the most last night :)

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Engagement Photo Tips:

If you are engaged and thinking to yourself, "do we really need engagement pictures?" the answer is YES. Do not miss the opportunity to get some fun, casual, candid pictures of this fun time in your life.

why take engagement photos?

  • The engagement session gives you time to warm up to the camera, and loosen up before your wedding day. You'll see in your pictures exactly what your facial expressions are so you know what to do/what not to do on your wedding day.
  • You get to know your photographer more, and become more comfortable around them.
  • You can use your engagement picture in your engagement announcement in the newspaper, on your wedding website, on your save the dates/invitations, and you can frame them at the wedding.
  • During your engagement session you can go to all the places you won't have time to take pictures at on your wedding day.
  • Although your wedding photos are great for framing around the house, it's also nice to have more casual professional pictures in different settings as well.

when do we take engagement pictures?

  • Some couples like to do engagement pictures soon after they get engaged, but there's no right or wrong time. Sometimes the best time for wedding photographers is in the spring & fall when they're less busy with weddings and when the weather is more mild. Generally we'll schedule our sessions to start about 3 hours before sunset, which is also great to be able to include some of the sky's sunset colors.

what to expect for a montage engagement session:

  • Usually our engagement sessions are about 2-3 hours, 2-4 locations, and 1-3 outfit changes. It’s pretty laid back - We’ll do some posed shots, some candid shots…. but mainly we just want you to have a fun day together and we’ll take photos of it! Most couples have never had their pictures taken professionally together, so it may take a while for you to “warm up” to the camera. I usually I just tell everyone: Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect pose, just flirt and have fun, and the pictures will be so much more real and natural if we just capture it as it happens!

where do we take engagement pictures?

  • We can go wherever you’d like for your engagement pictures! Do you have a favorite place that the two of you love spending time at? Is there a sentimental spot where you had your first date or where you got engaged? If nothing comes to mind, we can give you lots of suggestions of where to go.

what do we wear for engagement pictures?

  • It's really up to you guys how casual or formal you'd like to make these photos. It’s also up to you how many different times you want to change. It’s sometimes a good idea for girls to wear a camisole underneath and just change their shirt several times without needing an indoor restroom or anything. It’s up to you. The outfits that you do pick out though should be coordinating in color (doesn't have to be the same color, but just make sure it doesn't clash) - and you want to steer clear from outrageous patterns that will be distracting in photographs. Solids/stripes/plaid/subtle patterns usually works best. T-shirts and sweatshirts with large logos are not recommended. Also: I LOVE color. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors, they actually make pictures come alive more. Be sure and remember that glasses with transitional lenses do not look good for outdoor pictures. Clear prescription glasses and contacts are fine.

what do we bring for engagement pictures?

  • Be sure and bring a change of clothes and any other props that you might want to include in the pictures. (accessories, scarves, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, balloons, blanket, different shoes, sports you like together, cowboy boots, your pet, inside joke items, etc.)

other tips:

  • Trust your photographer. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box with them. Some of their suggestions may sound weird but just go with it.
  • Be yourself. If the two of you are really goofy, then be sure and get some goofy pictures, if you're formal, dress formal. If you're serious, be serious. No two couples are exactly the same, so make sure you're doing stuff that really captures who you are together.

{These tips are simply my own thoughts, ideas, and insights for engaged couples. Each photographer is different, and everyone goes about engagement sessions differently... but hope this post has given you some tips! This blog's content is copyright of Memory Montage Photography. Please do not copy or republish this text without written permission to do so. If you would like to share this post, please include a link directly to our blog's URL. Thank you!}

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

2011 Senior Pictures :: Dustin Jones

Dustin is a very high energy senior, and such a nice kid. I think a lot of seniors go into their session not knowing exactly what to do or what to expect... but by the end of this session Dustin was totally rockin it. He played a little guitar for us, and even told us his favorite knock knock joke. I think it was the joke he kept telling himself so he could keep himself laughing during the session. :)

We started the session in downtown Yakima, and ended out at his friend's house way out on Summitview. There was a tall grass field with some water running by so as we're shooting I feel a wet spot on the bottom of my foot that won't go away. (I'm wearing flip flops) So I took off my shoe, and there it was. a SLUG. (yuck yuck yuck) - I quickly became disgusted and tried to wipe it off on the grass. That slime just doesn't leave! As I'm freaking out trying to clean off my foot and shoe, a SPIDER runs across my foot, and I'm like oh my goodness, as if this situation wasn't bad enough, now there are spiders everywhere, lol. So anyway, it was quite the adventure out there in the field. :) Here are some of the shots from his session:

You can view more of our Yakima Senior Pictures on our portfolio site.
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