Thursday, October 7, 2010

2011 Senior Pictures :: Dustin Jones

Dustin is a very high energy senior, and such a nice kid. I think a lot of seniors go into their session not knowing exactly what to do or what to expect... but by the end of this session Dustin was totally rockin it. He played a little guitar for us, and even told us his favorite knock knock joke. I think it was the joke he kept telling himself so he could keep himself laughing during the session. :)

We started the session in downtown Yakima, and ended out at his friend's house way out on Summitview. There was a tall grass field with some water running by so as we're shooting I feel a wet spot on the bottom of my foot that won't go away. (I'm wearing flip flops) So I took off my shoe, and there it was. a SLUG. (yuck yuck yuck) - I quickly became disgusted and tried to wipe it off on the grass. That slime just doesn't leave! As I'm freaking out trying to clean off my foot and shoe, a SPIDER runs across my foot, and I'm like oh my goodness, as if this situation wasn't bad enough, now there are spiders everywhere, lol. So anyway, it was quite the adventure out there in the field. :) Here are some of the shots from his session:

You can view more of our Yakima Senior Pictures on our portfolio site.
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