Monday, October 11, 2010

not just another wedding, it's a wedding with a PHOTOBOOTH!

With our wedding photography collections we offer an a-la-carte option to have a photobooth at the wedding reception. Since each photobooth setup is different and unique, many people wonder what ours is and how it works. Our photobooth setup is a backdrop with props and a photographer there to take the high resolution photos. We prompt the guests to try and have four different poses. After the wedding we’ll edit all of the photos and give them to our client on disc. We also put them in an online gallery for the guests to view or purchase. A lot of times people will print them out and stick them in the thank you notes; they make great favors! This option is so fun for guests, and it leaves them ranting and raving about the wedding.

There is usually a crowd gathered around the prop table, ready to hop in, so I think the pressure creates adrenaline to quickly dress up and people just start acting crazy! Here are some of my favorite shots from Nick & Brianne's wedding yesterday at the Fontaine Estates Winery

^^ This is the bride & groom. She wore jeans under her dress the whole day. Yes, including the ceremony & reception!!

I think the most popular props are 1) the orange scarf 2) the blow up monkey 3) the shell bikini. Those three things I think I saw used the most last night :)

You can view more of our Yakima Photobooths on our portfolio site. Pin It Now!

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