Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yakima Wedding Sneak Peek

Shaela & David are now Mr. & Mrs. Rieker!!! They got married last weekend at the Cascade Garden, and the weather was gorgeous. Blue skies, very sunny, very warm. I definitely wasn't expecting that warm of a wedding in October, but I'm always thankful when there's no rain in sight.

Shaela was probably the most relaxed bride I've ever worked with. Everyone seemed really calm and really laid back. During the bride & groom session David expressed how much he LOVVEES pictures (sarcastically) but I think he pulled it off well and was still a good sport. I think by the end he might have actually had some fun with it. :) Shaela and David are very silly together. Always joking and not taking things too seriously. Their wedding had a few Seinfeld references woven in, and they walked down the aisle to Ke$ha's "your love is my drug"

I also loved having their kids be such a big part of the wedding. The two boys are 4 & 6 I believe and they are really great kids. Well behaved and good at taking pictures.

Here are some of the detail shots & a few of my other favorite shots from their day:

Did you know that Payless does custom dying for wedding shoes? And the shoes are only $50! I learned this from Shaela because she had these shoes dyed to match the exact color she was looking for. They have over 64 colors to choose from too! Even if you're not getting married but just need a specific color of shoe it's a neat idea :)

I especially appreciated this wedding because so many little decorations and things reminded me of my own wedding. :) This is the only wedding I've been to that had the exact same colors as mine. It made me very happy. More photos & a highlights slideshow from this wedding to come.

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