Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a black and white wedding

Well, as you can see with all the wedding slideshows on our blog, we've had a very busy fall. BUT I've neglected to write a blog of substance in quite some time and I was starting to feel sad about it today! I'm excited for this winter when I'll have more "free time" to catch up on blogs. I plan on doing a "100 days of blogging" challenge, where I will write a blog every day and I will either feature a photo of the day, share photography experiences, wedding advice, etc. It's going to be great!

A couple of weeks ago we shot Meghan & Chad's wedding in Wapato. They had a black & white wedding and they pulled it off well. There was a hint of 50's, a huge bridal party, and her grandpa performed the ceremony. (so precious) Here are a few photos from their wedding day: (black & white of course)

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