Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An inexpensive DIY project just for fun!

I want to be colorful and creative in all areas of my life, not just photography - so I LOVE doing arts & crafts or little projects just for fun. I saw this at my friend's house so she came over today with her buttons and I made one for my house too!

the button flower bouquet

(photo taken with iphone)

Materials needed:
  • buttons
  • old vase (got mine for $1 at goodwill)
  • floral wire
How to create:
  • loop the wire through the buttons, leaving about an inch to twist
  • twist it underneath so the button stays upright (may use pliers)
  • twist the completed flower stems around a pencil to curl
  • arrange your bouquet!
Thanks to Rhiann Gates for showing me! :)
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