Friday, December 17, 2010

Senior Pictures in Yakima

Name: Megan D.
School: West Valley High School, Class of 2011
Senior Photo Spots: downtown Yakima, Yakima Arboretum

It just happened to be 15 degrees the day of this shoot, but Megan pulled it off well. Tavis and I are out there completely bundled with pocket warmers, and she's just dressed in normal clothes freezing her buns off! For this shoot we took photos at one spot, warmed up in the car for a minute, went to another spot, warmed up again.... It wasn't the normal wandering around photo shoot, we definitely picked our spots from the car and then tried to hurry so we could hop back in!

Here are my favorite snowy senior pics:

You can view more of our Yakima Senior Pictures on our portfolio site. Pin It Now!

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