Friday, January 14, 2011

Behind the Lens Part 3 {15}

Per your request:: here is a look into EXACTLY what I do behind the lens AND on the computer :)

Behind the Lens:
Canon 5D mk ii, 70-200mm lens, natural light
Manual camera settings: f/3.2, 1/200 sec., ISO-320, center focus

Who: a fast moving little boy
What: Montage family session
When: August 2010
Where: Yakima Arboretum
Weather: comfortable temp, sunny
Post Processing: Edited in lightroom for color and exposure adjustments

On the Computer:
Step 1: import your RAW photo into lightroom

Step 2: crop the image to your liking

Step 3: Change the white balance. For this photo I bumped the blue/yellow up 3 notches from 5300 to 6050

Step 4: Change the exposure to your liking. For this photo I changed the exposure from 0 to +0.6

Step 5: Boost the blacks. I took my black dial from 5 to 14.

Step 6: Add a vignette. Go down to Effects > Post-Crop Vignetting > bring it down. For this photo it's -29

Step 7: Brighten the eyes. Click the adjustment brush, next to the effect choose "Iris Enhance" and paint it over the eyes.

Here's the Before & After (straight out of camera & final edited image)
yakima photography

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  1. Amy,
    This is wonderful! I loved seeing what you do! :) Great work!


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