Monday, January 10, 2011

An itty bitty Photoshop tip for photographers {11}

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There are a couple easy things that inexperienced photoshop users can use to spice up their designs. 1) add shadows for depth  2) use brushes for texture

A whole new world of designing opened up to me when I found brushes.

Q. What is a Photoshop brush?
A. A Photoshop brush is like a traditional rubber stamp that you would use in scrap booking. You chose your brush (or stamp) and chose a color and then "stamp" the brush onto a photo or scrap booking page or whatever in Photoshop. You can also resize, rotate and flip a brush (among other things) in Photoshop. Brushes are the basic element for many design projects.

Q. How do I load brushes into Photoshop?
A. To load a brush in Photoshop, open your Brush Palette (by going Window, Brush). Click on the little triangle menu button in the upper right hand corner of the palette. Then select "Load Brushes" from the drop down menu and browse to where you have the brush set saved on your hard drive.

....this photo to the left is a flat design, no techniques were used to add texture or depth.

....this photo is the same design, with a drop shadow on the picture, and a couple of brush strokes on two of the corners. My favorite brushes are free, from Obsidian Dawn

Many photographers do their own designing for albums, business cards, brochures, postcards, etc.... so if you're designing in photoshop then you may benefit from brushes and shadows if you've never used them! 

The best way to practice using drop shadows and brushes is to just get in photoshop and start playing around. Then you can figure out what works and what you like. Just remember to not overdo it! Don't make your designs toooo cluttered up with brushes :)

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