Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new favorite place in Yakima: Patina!! {14}

Patina is a new shop selling a variety of recyclable, used home decor, designer clothing and jewelry. The store, co-owned by sisters Winter Kennedy & Joy Meils is designed for those who want designer clothing and decor for lower prices. They also carry art by local artists!

I had been hearing the buzz about Patina on facebook for quite a while but hadn't experienced it for myself until last month. A couple of friends and I headed down there on Christmas eve and it was like an instant excitement overload. There are so many fun and unique items in their shop....I didn't know where to start and I didn't want it to end. :) I left a very happy lady with a sweater, two shirts, and some wall decor for my new home.... with barely a dent in my wallet. If you haven't yet, you HAVE to check this store out.... it's absolutely amazing.

Currently located at 9 West Yakima Avenue, Tuesday - Saturday 11am-5pm... will be moving to 17 West Yakima Ave. at the end of February

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  1. This looks like such a fun place! I want to go the next time we are in town!

  2. Another beautiful montage...The girls and I want to see it!!! wonderful, wonderful you two talented ya Aunty E


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