Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photography for a new local business! {5}

Yesterday was the open house for the Yoga Hot Spot - a hot yoga and wellness studio located at 616 River Road in Yakima. Certified Yoga instructor Stephanie Howard began work on this new studio after she had been healed of her back pain by hot yoga in Bellevue.

Stephanie went on and on about the benefits of hot yoga and how it changed her life... but I really couldn't grasp the idea of hot yoga until I attended classes myself. Here's the description from her site:

"What's so hot about hot yoga!? In just 60-65 minutes, hot yoga gives you a workout that works everything, from the inside out.  Hot yoga is a series of hatha yoga postures performed in a "hot room".   The room is heated slightly above our body temperature; therefore the body warms up quickly, and muscles become more flexible which allows  for a deeper, safer, and more intense stretch.

Here's what's going on inside you, inside the hot room:

Muscles are toned. Fat is lost. Circulation is increased. Joint mobility & range of motion are improved. Blood and calcium are brought to the bones. Immune system is boosted. Lungs are expanded..  Internal organs are massaged. Blood and oxygen flood the body.  Tight muscles release. Tension floats away. Of course, you'll sweat. But don't sweat it because you will be eliminating toxins through your skin, the largest organ of the body. "

I love hot yoga. Everyone should try it. I love to see new businesses succeed in the valley so I was happy to help Stephanie out with her marketing and the photography for her studio. Check out the studio for yourself! Introductory special is 10 classes for $20


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  1. Great indoor photography work, guys! You should add it to your portfolio :) The yoga place is pretty cool too. The next time we are in town I should go with ya!


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