Thursday, January 27, 2011

practice, practice {28}

If you're a photographer, you don't need people, or a session, or a wedding to "practice" new things.... just get out your camera and start shooting stuff!! I love to experiment with light.

First I placed my new purse on a bright orange ottoman by the window (thinking it will bring a lot of color into the photo)... forgetting that it would be reflecting orange onto the purse. (didn't look so good) - so then I covered the ottoman with a white blanket and tried again. Then I switched the blinds from facing up to facing down and tried it again. This may sound useless, but I can remember these little tips when I'm out on the job, taking photos of wedding details, for example.

Another benefit of practicing with random objects is that I can experiment with my camera settings when I have the time to immediately look at them on the computer and remember what I was trying. At a normal fast-paced session I don't trust my hands to be very still so I stick to a shutter speed of 1/100+   - today though, I slowed it down to 1/60 just for practice holding it steady. Looks pretty good to me!

yakima photography

yakima photography
I love my new purse, can you tell?!

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