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Vendor Interview: Christie's Cakes in Yakima, WA {22}

Today I have a great vendor to share! Christie's Cakes, located in Yakima, is the perfect place to find custom wedding cakes filled with personalized details. Owner and cake artist, Christie Miller, can create a masterpiece for any wedding reception. I've seen her many times at weddings and bridal shows, and she's great to work with.

christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography
Q&A with Christie's Cakes + Memory Montage Photography:

MMP: How did you get into the wedding cake business?   
CC: Since my first Holly Hobby oven, I've always loved to bake, so I just jumped in a dozen years ago and started my business!   My faithful friends and family all encourage me and loved trying each new recipe.   

christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography

MMP: What is your company’s philosophy when working with wedding couples?  
CC: Couples are excited and often overwhelmed with all of the decisions.  Having gone through the same process picking vendors, I believe spending time listening to them and offering the best recommendations based on their needs helps narrow down this process for them. 

MMP: When someone tells you that they’d like a wedding cake, where do you go from there?    
CC: We usually start by looking at the portfolio to find the elements that they like about the different cakes and then decide how to incorporate their ideas, we talk about the size of the cake, how many guests are invited, where their reception is, what types of decorations or flowers would go best.   Once they make the decision, a deposit holds their date.   

christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography
MMP: How do you help couples customize their weddings?  
CC: I really love taking elements from one photo, and combining it with something they saw in a magazine or another photo, or a replica of something important in their lives.   I ask lots of questions, help them decide whether they are looking for elegant, classic, whimsical, or splashy with lots of colors.   Then we create from there! 

MMP: At what point in the planning process do you typically work with couples?
CC: With wedding season expanding earlier into the spring and later into the fall and winter, I am finding that couples are contacting me sooner to book their dates.   I think everyone is different, for most brides the cake is one of the most important things, besides the dress of course, and for others it is just one of the things on the list to make sure they remember. 

christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography

MMP: What was the most challenging cake that you've done?
CC: Some brides have the hardest times making decisions about which cake, and in essence will ask me to choose for them, I love so many of them, it's hard for me to choose as well.   I think making the whipped cream frosting in humid Maui is probably the one that makes me the most nervous and requires a lot of pre-planning.  The humidity there slows the frosting process, and typically the cake must be kept indoors until it is brought out to be cut.   It's why you rarely see cakes on hot beaches!      

MMP: What inspires you?
CC: The smiles on the brides face when she walks in, or when I hear how great it tasted weeks later from a guest!  

christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography
MMP: What do you think sets you apart from other cake artists?   
CC: I only take 2 orders for each weekend, so my cakes are always fresh!   My motto has always been that anyone can do pretty, but they have to taste great as well!  

MMP: What is something most people don’t know about the process of making a wedding cake?    
CC: Fresh ingredients make a world of difference!

christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography
MMP: What is the biggest misconception about your industry?  
CC: That shows like Cake Boss and Amazing Cakes produce cakes that are realistic, edible or affordable.  A lot of TV cakes are for the show, and are made of things other than cake.   They have price tags of thousands of dollars and are based on design only and rarely speak of the taste.   

MMP: What would you recommend to a bride who is shopping around for a bakery to make her wedding cake?  
CC: Find someone that makes a quality cake, that listens to you, values your vision and makes you feel that your wedding is just as important to them as it is to you!
christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography
MMP: What’s your favorite flavor of cake that you offer?   
CC: I LOVE my lemon poppyseed with lemon filling...   course I always ate lemons as a kid so this was probably a given.   

MMP: What was the most fun request for a cake that you’ve received? 
CC: My alligator cake for a little boy's birthday, it was sooo cute!   For a wedding cake, the 4 tiered haunted house cake complete with skeletons, tombstones, spider webs, and dirt graves (okay, it was crushed cookies)!

christie's wedding cake yakima memory montage photography Check out Christie's website or call for an appointment! 509.961.5430

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  1. Christie did an AMAZING job with our cake- and I even sneaked a peak of our top tier cake in the freezer today:) yum! But oddly enough, it seemed my husband had already put a few finger licks in it! so of course I felt obligated to taste it myself....hopefully we'll have cake left for June 26th, 2011:)

  2. Speaking as the couple married on Maui we have a new found appreciation for Christie's dedication and attention to detail that allowed her to pull off such a feat. She later told us she checked her blender, cake pans, tools and whatever else she needed for her masterpiece in her luggage.

    If you are reading this and looking for an artist to make your special day That much more special...look no further! Christie's Cakes is the best!


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