Monday, January 24, 2011

Wedding Rings!! {25}

I get to photograph a lot of bling. :)

I see all sorts of different types of rings.... some big, some small, some round diamonds, some princess cut, some antique rings... but usually I never see two the exact same. Most times the rings match the personality of the bride or the style of the whole wedding!

Before I was a wedding photographer I worked at Fred Meyer Jewelers and I got to think about engagement rings all day long. I've always loved the classic look of a round solitaire. Growing up when I though of a diamond ring or a wedding ring, this is what I pictured:

photo from Angara
Here's a montage I made of some 2010 wedding rings. Which do you like best?? Leave me a comment!

wedding photography
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  1. Column 2: Row 3 & 4

    Those are both beautiful rings! Plus, they have an antique look to them as well :o)

  2. row 3 number 1. row 4 number 2. I love the look!

  3. Row 3 number 1

  4. i like row 5, column 1. probably because it looks a lot like my own. but i also really like column 3 from row 5 as well!

  5. I love this blog! All of them are beautiful rings and awesome pictures. I love the picture you took of row 1 column 2! And the ring in column 4 row 3 is beautiful

  6. Love the one with the birds!!! I dont remember seeing it before!!! So cute!

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