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Summer Internship with Memory Montage Photography {39}

This summer we have just ONE internship position available. Summer internships are designed to give practical experience in photographing weddings as well as useful business knowledge. Interns finish the summer with a better idea of what it takes to find success in this high-stress industry. Other opportunities include senior and family photography as jobs present themselves over the internship season. Possibility of Assistant or Associate Status upon completion of internship.

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More Info:

Q: For whom is the internship designed?
A: The internship is designed for creative individuals who have experience in graphic design and/or photography and are interested in working with a successful wedding photography business for the summer.

Q: What is the commitment timeline?
A: The commitment timeline is mid April - October 2011.

Q: How many hours per week?
A: 6-8 hours each Wednesday at the studio, along with up to 8 more optional hours on the weekends depending upon scheduled events. The summer internship is a serious commitment. We will count on you every week!

Q: What qualifies someone for eligibility?
A: Applicants must have a passion for wedding photography, and a desire to learn. They must have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and a digital SLR camera.

Q: Is there a stipend?
A: Yes. In addition, interns have the opportunity to be promoted to assistant or associate status after completion of the internship. (for specific compensation information, contact Amy:

Q: When is the deadline?
A: The deadline is March 15, 2011. The application must be submitted by that date in order to be considered.

Q: Can I participate in the Summer Internship and still work another job or attend summer school?
A: Yes of course!

Q: I have another commitment during the summer and will not be able to complete the entire April-October commitment. Am I eligible?
A: If you are unable to commit to the entire wedding season, the reason must be stated in the application. We will review that and consider your information when making selections.

Q: I want to apply, but the March 15th deadline has passed. Can I still apply?
A: Contact Amy: for internship status after 3-15-11

To apply for this position, click here.
Questions? contact Amy:


{What our past interns have to say}

{Leanna Hull, summer 2010}

“My summer internship with Memory Montage was an eye-opening and thrilling experience. I had the opportunity to see photography from not only the creative side but the important business components of running a reliable, organized and committed to the finished product type of business. Amy and Tavis were not only amazing bosses, but mentors and friends as well. Learning about the proper equipment, lighting tricks and editing styles was just scratching the surface of their creative professionalism. They both bring so much to the table in knowledge and experience. The care they pour into their work and the patience they had while teaching me was refreshing every day. Aspects like surveying the event venue, capturing the personalities of the couple and keeping a positive attitude throughout the day are what make Memory Montage so personal and unique. I am so thankful of the time I spent interning under Amy and Tavis Guild, and walked away far more inspired and prepared for my future in photography than when I came.”

{Haley Holmes, summer 2009} 

"During the summer of 2009 I did an internship with Tavis and Amy, and learned more than I ever thought I could know about photography. Over the course of the summer I got to become familiar with equipment that I had never used before, and learn through hands-on experience how to be intentional with my shots using the the manual settings on the camera. I really came to understand the flow of a wedding day, and taking on responsibilities of the job. From watching, listening, and observing the way Tavis and Amy operate, I was able to pick up on their style, and the things they do to get the most they can out of their pictures. My overall experience was great, and so beneficial to me in expanding my knowledge in photography. It was a fun and exciting way for me to get exactly the kind of experience I needed to help me grow as a photographer!" Pin It Now!

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