Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why do photographers cut heads out of pictures? {49}

Sometimes when clients are browsing through our photos they love the detail shots where we focus on one portion of the photo but leave out the heads, but every once and a while someone just doesn't understand why on earth we would "chop the heads out of the picture"

Here is my reason: Usually when people glance at a photo, the first thing they look at is the face. Which is fine.... but a photograph can hold so many more details and emotions in other parts of the photo as well.

Take this photo, for instance. Look at the delicate way he is touching her back with his right hand. Or look at the detail of the green ring on her right hand. Or you could focus on the lace of her dress. By the way that I cropped this photograph you can still see that he's looking at her.... and you can imagine his expression and feelings as he dances with his new wife. All of these things could easily be overlooked in a photograph if all you see is their faces.

wedding photography

Here's another great image. It may bother some people that you can't see her face..... but I photographed it this way to draw attention to her flowers and the details on her dress. There are a million photos of them that day with their faces showing... a few intentional detail shots without faces won't hurt :)

wedding photography

I love this photo. I love the colors, the textures, the bouquet, and the shoes. All very great details worth accentuating by composing this photo in such a way:
wedding photography
wedding photography

wedding photography

Why do photographers cut heads out of pictures? Some may do that because it's their preference, or it's a popular shot.... I do it personally for artistic reasons, along with the idea of creating a more diverse range of photos.

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