Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yakima Baby Photographs {56}

yakima photography
Weddings, families and seniors are our thing. I'll be the first to admit that babies & maternity are not my strong point in photography. I didn't want to totally rule it out before giving it a try so I shadowed a friend on a shoot with some newborn twins last month. Although they are completely adorable and I enjoyed watching them.... handling, photographing, and editing babies is a totally different scene than weddings are. The images turned out great, but it did confirm for me that I am not a baby photographer.

My favorite local baby photographer is Samantha Deyette. As a mom of 5 she is so great with kids and captures all of the sweet expressions of kiddos like no one else can. Anytime someone inquires about having us photograph their babies, I send them to Sam.... she's great!

Photo by Samantha Deyette:
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  1. You're so sweet Amy. Thank you!! That shot of the twins you photographed is pretty stinkin' adorable. You're doing so great at blogging!


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