Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Behind the Lens Part 5 {61}

Behind the Lens:
Canon 5D mk ii, 50mm lens, natural light
Manual camera settings: f/3.2, 1/160 sec., ISO-100, center focus

Who: a couple having coffee & interacting
What: Montage engagement session
When: February 2011
Where: Chalet Starbucks
Weather: 40ish degrees, cloudy
Post Processing: Edited in lightroom for color and exposure adjustments

On the Computer:
Step 1: import your RAW photo into lightroom

Step 2: Change the white balance. For this photo I bumped the blue/yellow temperature down 3 notches from 5300 to 4800, and the green/pink tint down three notches from -2 to -17. It looks a little green right now, but this gets better when I make it brighter. Also, I've found that images look a little darker & warmer when printed, so I like to start a little cooler and brighter so they don't look too orange when printed. 

Step 3: Change the exposure to your liking. For this photo I changed the exposure from 0 to +0.55

Step 4: Boost the blacks. I took my black dial from 5 to 10.

Step 5: Add a vignette. Go down to Effects > Post-Crop Vignetting > bring it down. For this photo it's -29

Step 6: Remove minor blemishes. I never want to take out the detail or character of someone's face, but I do want to remove anything unflattering. Click the spot removal brush, choose "heal" and adjust the size. Click on the blemish area and it will replace it with something better.

Step 7: Crop the Image to your liking (cropping can be done at any stage of the editing process. In lightroom, it's easy to change your mind and adjust the crop as you go too.)

Here's the Before & After (straight out of camera & final edited image) A huge change? no, not really. A good one, yes! It's possible to get a good shot straight out of camera, but with a few tweaks you can make it even better in lightroom in less than a few minutes.

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