Thursday, March 24, 2011

an embarrassing amateur photography story:: REVEALED {82}

Once upon a time, Amy Guild did not know much about digital vignetting but knew she wanted her images to have that "look" or effect. (a vignette is when a photo has some black around the corners, when the edges fade out gradually, used to draw attention to the center of the photo.) So she opened photoshop, and manually used the paint brush with a big feather to paint black around the edges. She used this method of vignetting for a few weddings and a few portrait sessions. She later found out about photoshop actions and lightroom presets that apply a vignette much quicker and more consistently than her black paint vignette extravaganza.

Before: 2 minutes to paint a vignette on 1 picture. After: 2 minutes to batch apply a vignette preset to 700 pictures. Thank goodness for friends who filled Amy in on this little vignetting secret. :)

digital photo vignette example
The image on the left is without a vignette, the image on the right has one.... so you can see the difference.
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