Friday, March 11, 2011

Funny Google Searches {71}

Sometimes it's so interesting what people type in and find us:

"gdn kayla" = kayla & luke's cascade garden wedding blog

"can we wear sweatshirts for engagement pictures" =  engagement photo tips blog

"sweet umbrella" = fun in the rain blog

"wedding photos at matthews cellar" = Josh & Rachel's Wedding at Suncadia

"don't let uncle shoot your wedding" = Uncle Bob Giveaway 

"montage of eyes with lens" = Behind the Lens Part 3

"who is the photographer that cuts the heads of his phtographs" = Why do photographers cut heads out of pictures? (and yes, they spelled photographs wrong)

other funny or interesting things people google:
  • "montage fphotography"
  • cheap computers + url + 2011 + comment + email + blog
  • email
  • telling them where to focus photography 
  • why we associate rain with memory  
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