Friday, March 25, 2011

Glass Etching {83}

Last night I went over to my friend Samantha's house for a little bit of crafting. I'd never really thought about doing a glass etching project until my friend Amanda mentioned it to me, so I looked up a tutorial video to learn what it is and how to do it (it's at the bottom of this blog if you'd like to watch. I enjoy her accent.)

I went to Value Village and picked up about 10 glass items for less than $10. Then I went on the hunt for etching cream. Michaels doesn't carry it anymore but Craft Warehouse does. This little bottle was $20, but after one project I still have 7/8 of it left.

glass etching cream
At first I was just using masking tape to make lines on some of the glass pieces but then Sam suggested punching holes in the tape to make a stencil for polkadots, so here they are! After painting a thick layer of etching cream and leaving it for 5-10 minutes, I would wash it off and it leaves it kinds bumpy where it ate the glass away. :)

glass etching cream
As you can see, masking tape wasn't the best stencil because the dots aren't perfect, but oh well! I still like them. Next time around I'll probably pick up some sticky vinyl to draw a pattern and then cut it out. yay for fun little projects!

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