Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wedding sparklers {78}

ahhh, wedding sparklers. That one moment in time that you get to run through a crowd of fireworks while everyone is cheering your name. If it's planned well, these getaway sparklers can create a fun memory and make great photos too.

wedding sparklers yakima wa
{Kaci & Kyle - June 2010}

wedding sparklers pullman wa
 {Amanda & Eric - May 2010}

Wedding sparklers have been a growing wedding trend, and we've seen several sparkler attempts in recent years. I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. Here are my wedding sparkler tips for brides & grooms:

1. Not all sparklers are alike.You want bright, smokeless, long lasting sparklers like these. (as pictured above in Amanda & Eric's photo)
2. Don't use 4th of July Sparklers. They're really really smokey and just leave everyone coughing afterward.
3. Don't use 4th of July Sparklers. They're too short and don't last long enough for you newlyweds to make it through the exit tunnel.
4. Make sure you have someone coordinating the exit so everyone doesn't start lighting their sparklers at random times. They only last so long so you want to make sure that everyone is there, in a line, and you're waiting at the beginning before they start lighting. We've seen sparklers go wrong when everyone started lighting at different times and then they all burned out before the couple even went through. :-(
5. If you want good photos, make sure the photographer knows when and where the exit is going to take place. Also, don't ZOOM through the crowd so fast that you don't get to enjoy it or the photographer doesn't have enough chances to photograph it.

wedding sparklers bozarth mansion spokane wa
 {Stephanie & Thomas - August 2010}

wedding sparklers yakima wa
 {Kim & Tim - August 2010}

wedding sparklers cascade garden yakima wa {Kayla & Luke - September 2010}

wedding sparklers yakima wa
 {Ann-Jean & Brad - August 2010}

wedding sparklers yakima wa
 {Meghan & Chad - October 2010}

Can't do sparklers at your venue? There are still other classic getaways like bubbles & birdseed!!
wedding bubbles yakima wa

wedding bubbles yakima wa
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  1. These photos are awesome! I have been looking at a lot of websites that sell wedding sparklers and it seems most of them say their sparklers are either low smoke or smokeless (I don't see how something that burns is smokeless). Anyway, I found really cheap pricing at www.sayanythingceramics.com/sparklers.php but obviously I don't want them if they smoke badly. They have lots of positive reviews so I'm hoping these are pretty much all the same. Anyone have advice on this?


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