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Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Aubrey Childers, Makeup Artist {85}

Last week I featured Aubrey on my blog as a lash extensionist, but this week I'm featuring Aubrey as a wedding vendor for hair and makeup! I met Aubrey last August in Prosser when she was working her magic for one of the brides I was photographing. Then I found out we go to the same church in Selah so I get to see her all the time now!! My favorite thing about Aubrey as a makeup artist is that on the wedding day she eliminates a lot of stress for the brides by coming to the venue where everyone is getting ready. I always tell brides that the less traveling and places to go on a wedding day, the less chance there is for things to go wrong, people to get lost, be late, get stuck in traffic, or be misinformed. If the getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and reception is all at the same place.... everything should run smoothly (usually). Because Aubrey comes to the house or venue of the bride, that's less wedding day time used up by driving to and from the salon. An on-site hair & makeup artist is key.

Aubrey does an awesome job! This bride was taking pictures all day with us, jumping, climbing, roaming around doing whatever..... and her hair and makeup looked great the whole time.

Q&A with Makeup Artist Aubrey + Amy:

Amy: How long have you been a makeup artist?
Aubrey: I've been doing makeup professionally for almost two years now. Although I really started to make my Makeup Artistry a lot more seriously when I had the opportunity to be a makeup artist for the Yakima Valley Warriors Dance Team the Lady Warriors.

Amy: Have you always wanted to be an artist, or did you just stumble upon it by chance?
Aubrey:  I've always loved wearing makeup. I love how it makes me feel more glamorous and I love how it makes other people feel glamorous when they have their makeup done as well. I didn't ever think I would be as successful as I consider myself today but I've definitely always loved being in this industry.

Amy: What feature do you love to accentuate most?
Aubrey: If I had to pick one feature to accentuate It would be the eyes- although I do believe that with a good Makeup the entire face can really glow and be beautiful. Basic foundation-making your skin look flawless- is definitely important as well. From there you can pretty much go anywhere with your makeup.

Amy: What products and brands do you use with your clients?
Aubrey: I do like to try a lot of different brands. I'm lucky to have friends in this industry as well who give me their thoughts on different brands and different products. Currently in my kit I use a lot of MAC, Bare Essentials, Cinema Secrets, Smashbox and a few other products from different lines. It's good to have variety- each brand has something to offer.

Amy: At what point in the planning process do you typically work with brides?
Aubrey: I try to book with brides as soon as possible. For both of our peace of mind. The sooner the bride is able to book with me and have a consultation/run-thru I feel like it takes a lot of stress off of their shoulders. I want their experience with me to be as stress-free as possible so I will book as far in advance as they are willing to book me. I typically will not book a bride unless I am able to have a proper run-thru with them- my schedule is generally really flexible so I'm always willing to try and work something out for brides who have waited until later in the wedding process to find a hair stylist/makeup artist.

Amy: What are some basic skincare tips for brides before their wedding day?
Aubrey: I would say stay away from facials at least a week before the wedding. Facials really bring all the dirt and grime under the skin to the surface to really clean out your pores (which is nice!) but causes breakouts! Scary on a wedding day. I would say any basic skin-care routine is great. Wash your face and be sure to moisturize so the skin has a natural glow and softness to it.

Amy: What inspires you?
Aubrey: To know that I get the opportunity to share in one of the happiest days in someones life really truly inspires me.

Amy: What do you think sets you apart from other makeup artists?
Aubrey: There are many very talented Makeup Artists- the beauty industry is huge! But I believe one thing that sets me apart is my willingness to travel to the location of the bride the day of her wedding. I think it is way more relaxing for a bride to know she can be on location-where she needs to be, when she needs to be there- and sit comfortably in her robe or pajamas or whatever she wants to wear and get styled. I think it takes a huge stress off of her, and this day is really all about her so I like to do my part by being wherever she needs me. I also think another thing that sets me apart is the fact that I have had the opportunity to work on lots of different skin types, colors, etc. I've been really blessed to have a diverse client base and any bride I get the opportunity to work with only helps improve my talents.
Amy: What is something most people don’t know about the process of wedding hair & makeup?
Aubrey: I think most people are really surprised at the amount of bobby pins it can take to create a style. Really, sometimes it's over 100.

What is the biggest misconception about your industry?

Amy: What are some things brides should look for when looking for a makeup artist?
Aubrey: I think willingness to do a consultation is a huge deal. Look for someone who is willing to take the time to do a *full* run-thru with you. Brides need the security of knowing what they are going to look like on their wedding day, and skimping on the run-thru is a big no-no in my opinion. It gives the bride the opportunity to decide if this is the Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist they want working with them. Brides need to know they have options and doing a run-thru can help seal the deal with a particular person or help them decide they need to look elsewhere.

If you'd like to contact Aubrey about hair, makeup or eyelashes for your wedding, here is her info! | 503.720.2860
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