Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tips for Photographers: A free business tool!!

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Have you heard of dropbox?? I was first introduced to it early last year, and it's proven to be helpful time and time again. Dropbox is basically a way of sharing your files with multiple computers. Once you have dropbox downloaded on your computer, you can put files in there and share them with other computers, other people, and access your files on your smart phone.

As a photographer, dropbox is perfect for me! Sometimes there are just too many files or too many images that I need to share with my associate photographers or with my clients, so instead of emailing them or making a disc I just stick them in dropbox and share the folder! It's instant, it's easy! Also, when I need to have documents with me all the time, I can see them on my phone with the dropbox app.

ALWAYS HAVE YOUR STUFF WHEN YOU NEED IT. Follow this link to watch a video and sign up! http://db.tt/ioQheCi

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