Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tips for Photographers: Protecting Your Photos

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The question we were asked is, "What's a good way for everyone to protect their photos from computers crashing?" The simple answer is, never trust one computer alone, always have backup. In addition to taking preventative measures to keep your computer healthy like getting the updates, being wise about downloads, using antivirus software (we use AVG, it's free).... you ALWAYS need to have a backup or redundancy. My husband has an IT degree, but that still can't save us from computer hard drives failing occasionally - sometimes they just do.

If you're a photographer, this is what I suggest to protect your photos:
1. Load your memory cards onto the computer AS SOON as you get home.
2. Although you may be editing your photos from your main computer, make a copy of the files on an external hard drive. This way, if your main computer crashes, you're not without your images.
3. For additional security to protect from fire & theft, you could make a copy of the files and store them somewhere offsite (either on a hard drive stored outside your home, with online hosting, or on a drive in a firesafe box.)

That is the simple way to protect yourself. If you're doing photography full time, here's a look into our data storage and server setup - how we store, protect and backup our images in case of computer or power failure:

If you need more help with your photography business, consider one of our mentoring sessions where we can work with you one-on-one.

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