Thursday, July 14, 2011

Newlywed Interview with Amanda Laplante

The funny thing about weddings is that YOUR wedding is usually the first one you've ever planned.... and the true wedding wisdom comes AFTER the wedding when you feel like you learned so much about wedding planning that you could write a book. Unfortunately, your wedding day only happens once so you can't put all that advice to good use! Every once and a while I like to feature a newlywed on my blog to give some advice to those who are currently planning, so here it is!

eastern washington wedding photography

eastern washington wedding photography

Amy: What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

Amanda: Gosh- hard to narrow it down. I really loved being in the car right before the ceremony with some close girlfriends, praying, and then getting out and seeing everyone at the park, walking down the aisle with my sweet dad and getting to see my husband-to-be. 

Amy: What do you wish you would have spent MORE of your budget on?

Amanda: Paying off student loans. Haha. No, let’s see…I would have paid more to have hi-float put in our balloons so they’d stay nice and high for photos.

Amy: What do you wish you would have spent LESS of your budget on?

Amanda: I wish we would have spent less on my second pair of wedding shoes- the heels- I still haven’t worn them! 

Amy If you could go back, what are one or two little details would you change?
Amanda: I would have taken the time to shower before our rehearsal (I wasn’t happy with how I looked that day because I was so worn out and it showed despite a new dress). Also, Eric lost his hankie so we had to use his pocket square to soak up my tears.  

Amy: What was your favorite planning resource?
Amanda: I got most of my inspiration from Martha Stewart Weddings,,, and I think Seattle Met Magazine Bride and Groom has some seriously swoon-worthy real weddings. I also loved using Sarah Nelson (of Couture Events) as our wedding coordinator. 

How did you go about choosing your venue & date? Do you recommend May for a wedding?
Amanda: Eric and I wanted to get married early in the wedding season and mid-May was a perfect time because it was after college graduations but before most of our friends would be too involved with summer activities. We also decided to get married the day before my birthday- best birthday present ever. And the weather ended up being great! I would certainly recommend it, especially in Eastern Washington. 

Amy: What other advice do you have for people planning their wedding?
Amanda: Minimize stresses (sometimes this means eliminating DIYs) and maximize time with people you love. 

Of everything Amanda said I completely agree with the shoes advice.... Multiple times I've seen brides get fancy wedding shoes and then they ended up just wearing their flats or flip flops the whole day!!!
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