Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Tips for Photographers: Shooting in the shade while effectively using the sun.

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  • Amy's sun rule #1: Whenever possible, SHOOT IN THE SHADE
  • Amy's sun rule #2: If you have to be in the bright sunshine, put the sun behind them (not to the side, which creates harsh shadows)
  • Amy's sun rule #3: Shooting shade doesn't have to be sun free, just make sure there aren't sun spots on the face. 

Using the sunshine in the right manor can actually add a lot to a photo! Here is an example of a photo in the complete shade... no sun in sight (it's cloudy)

Then, all of the sudden the sun comes out to play in the background, and look at the huge difference it makes! It turned a somewhat flat photo into a much more beautiful photo with lots of color, light, and layers.

In conclusion: Shoot in the shade, but don't be afraid of the sun. :)


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