Thursday, September 29, 2011

Should couples see each other before the wedding ceremony?

You can ask every single one of our clients and they will say, "YES!" It makes so much more sense to see each other before. The fun & carefree time we get to spend with the couple before the ceremony is often their favorite time of the day looking back.

Every engaged couple has this discussion... and it always comes up again when they are talking with their wedding photographer. For us, we want to respect the couple's decision if they want to wait to see each other until the ceremony, but there are many sacrifices by doing so. These days, about 98% of our couples decide to take photos before the ceremony. It's still the "first look" whether it's at the ceremony or planned and photographed ahead of time. Here are the two wedding day options and what comes along with them:

Option 1: first look during ceremony (1-2 hours of pictures after)

  • stays with tradition/superstition  
  • you don't have time to embrace the emotions with your spouse during the first look because it's during the ceremony
  •  pictures can be more stressful because everyone is rushed
  •  you don't get as many pictures because we're limited on time
  •  your guests have to wait for you while you're taking photos
Option 2: first look before ceremony (3-4 hours of pictures before)

  • you have time to embrace the emotions with your spouse during the first look because it's just the two of you.... intimate and without rush.
  •  pictures are fun, laid back, not stressful because we have plenty of time
  •  you will get much more variety of pictures this way because there is more time to go more places.
  • we can go off-site for some of the couple photos.... you're not locked in to doing ALL of your photos outside of the venue.
  •  your guests do not have to wait for you. Once they show up for the ceremony you can enjoy every second them.
  •  your hair & makeup will look its best if you go right into pictures after getting ready 
  • does not follow tradition/superstition

Basically, by staying with the "tradition" you will get less photos, less photo variety, less time with your guests, and more stress on your wedding day.

Other photographers agree! Here is Phil Bentz of Stone Castle Photography, "If you don't want to see each other before the wedding, we'll do our best to make it work, however, we need to warn you that it usually ends up being a disaster for the bride and groom.  Don't get me wrong, traditions can be great, but this one usually isn't practical if you want your wedding to go as smoothly as possible.  A lot of people have the misconception that they can do most of the pictures before the ceremony with the bride and groom separate but it's just not true.  The only 2 sets of pictures we can do before the ceremony is the "bride with the bridesmaids" and the "groom with the groomsmen"....anything we do more than that is a waste of time because they will have to be redone after the ceremony with the bride and groom together.

What does that mean for you?  That means all of your guests will be waiting while we do ALL the pictures after the ceremony, including the pictures with just the bride and groom alone.  By that time you're tired, hungry, your hair and makeup are no longer perfect (if you're the bride), your guests are waiting and you just want to get pictures over with so you can go relax.  The end result is that you don't get all the fun and creative pictures of just the bride and groom together like we would otherwise."

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  1. Well put. I totally agree. I've had to wait until after the ceremony only to find that it's too dark to shoot much of anything. And then rushing because all the guests are waiting = a lot of stress for everyone (mostly me). Totally agree.


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