Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tip for Photographers: LEAD the session

Hitting the shutter is only a fraction of what it takes to have an awesome session.... you really have to LEAD the session by giving suggestions and helping them with how to pose and what to do. Your subjects have no idea what looks good or what they look like, so they are trusting in you to give them ideas and make them look their best. Here is an example of me leading a bride+groom session:

My 4 main ingredients for a great wedding or portrait session:
  1. preparation: knowing what my clients like, planning ahead, bringing props, etc.
  2. camera knowledge: because of my experience and practice with my equipment, I can take photos without having to think too much about camera settings. This allows me to interact more with my subjects!
  3. confidence & leadership: I come to sessions with lots of ideas so that we can jump from one thing to the next. Unless my clients are photographers or professional models, they probably have no idea how to sit, stand or act for photos unless I give them specific instructions.
  4. post processing: you can certainly get awesome images SOOC but a few tweaks in the post processing can really bring everything together and make the whole session uniform.
wedding photography 5d mk ii canon 50mm 1.2L lens
 camera settings: f/2.5, exposure 1/160 sec., ISO-250


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  1. i really liked your photos guys. lots of personality in them to.


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