Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tips for Photographers:: "Which Camera Should I Buy??"

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Two questions we get asked a LOT are, 

1) "What camera and lenses do you use?"
2) "I'm just starting out, what camera do you reccomend?"

Here are the answers!

1) Among other equipment, our 6 main items are:
Canon 5D mk ii camera
Canon 50mm 1.2L lens
Canon 16-35mm 2.8L lens
Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II lens
Canon 100mm 2.8L macro lens
Canon 15mm 2.8 Fisheye lens

Here's a breakdown of when we use what at a wedding: 

Getting Ready:
Tavis - 70-200mm for hair/makeup
Amy - 50mm & 100mm for detail shots  

Couple pics, bridal party & family pictures before ceremony:
Tavis - 50mm or 16-35mm for full body shots
Amy - 70-200mm for closeups & candids

The Ceremony:
Tavis - 70-200mm for non-intrusive shots at a distance
Amy - 50mm or 16-35mm for a few wide shots 

The Reception:
Tavis and I switch off between the 70-200mm & 50mm for candids. Also we'll do a few wide shots of the whole reception with the 16-35mm or the fisheye. The 16-35mm is also great for shots of the whole dance floor! 

For senior & family pictures:
Tavis - 50mm or 16-30mm for full body shots
Amy - 100mm or 70-200mm for closeups & candids

2) Here's what we recommend for those wanting to upgrade from their point & shoot cameras:

Choose either Canon or Nikon and stick with it. They're very similar, but once you start with one brand you'll want to continue with it so that all of your gear is compatible. We shoot Canon and will recommend Canon gear, but with everything we use and recommend you can find the Nikon equivalent.  There are a couple of beginner cameras to choose from. The more you spend = the nicer the camera = the more limitations that are lifted from getting the pictures you want. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to photography gear.

This first option is the Canon Rebel series
  • Canon T2i (There are also other versions of the Rebel that you could choose from)
  • It's around $600 from B&H online or on Amazon 
  • It comes with the camera body & lens so you're set to go.
The second one we would recommend is more expensive, but is hands down a better camera then the T2i
  • Canon 60d (This is the most current one. Newer versions of the this series will come out in the future)
  • The camera body is around $900 from B&H online or on Amazon
  • If you buy only the camera body you'll need to purchase lenses separately.
(Both of these cameras are for the hobbyist wanting to take better pictures. If you're wanting to do photography on a professional level, our recommendations would be completely different.)

Do you have a question that you'd like answered in a future Tuesday Tips post? Email your questions to Amy: info@memorymp.com - Thanks!

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