Friday, February 17, 2012

Part 1: Our Photography Studio // Yakima, WA

Three new arrangements in our photography gallery calls for a new blog post indeed! I love it when our printing lab has sales!

whcc canvas gallery wrap arrangement
This is the area where we meet clients. They get to come see examples of our prints and products and see some real wedding albums. The big screen is for helping people decide which photos they'd like to order. It's really helpful to see images as the actual size it will print!

whcc canvas gallery wrap arrangement
 This is our latest canvas gallery wrap arrangement: a 24x26, 20x30, 16x20 & 11x14

 That 30x40 isn't new but the three metallic standout prints are!

whcc standout arrangement
 Float wraps: a 20x30 & 2 11x14s

We support wall art!

Notice this blog is named "part 1" which means more of our studio posts to come...
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