Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Say Hello to Shellac - CND

Warning: This is purely a personal blog so if you're looking for photography tips, see our previous posts. This blog is just for fun so I can express my love for Shellac!

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I think I first heard of Shellac in May of last year at a wedding (Thank you Erica Denega!) - but have since seen it all over the place... both the real deal and the imposters. The past few months my friend Amanda has taught me much more about this new nail fad and gave me my first Shellac manicure in January. I'm hooked! I loved it so much better than the traditional nail polish manicure that I bought my own set! An investment at first, but these Shellac nails are stinkin cool. There are lots of gel nail polish imposters but CND is the way to go! They advertised it better than I can so I'll just use their pictures:

GOOD-BYE "Is it dry?" time, HELLO zero dry time.

 GOOD-BYE to nicks, chips, and smudges, HELLO to the first hybrid nail color

  GOOD-BYE post-pedi depression, HELLO resilient mirror finish

  GOOD-BYE flawed, HELLO flawless.

Here are more quick tips for successful Shellac!

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