Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tips for photographers // Photo editing programs

We were recently asked about picture editing advice so we're happy to share! If you've been to any of our photography workshops, you'll hear us rave about Adobe Lightroom and encourage everyone to get it. Although, I know Lightroom may not be necessary or affordable for every picture taker. 

If you have the desire to enhance your photos before printing, a few things your photo editing software should be able to do is crop, adjust color and change the exposure. 

If you have a point and shoot camera (small basic digital camera), I would recommend: Adobe photoshop elements, for around $80. With it you can:
  • organize your photos
  • do basic edits and enhance your photos
  • easily create and share online

If you have a DSLR and are a photography hobbyist, aspiring photographer or a part-time photographer, I would recommend Adobe Lightroom for around $150. My favorite lightroom features are:
  • easy sorting capabilities to manage large collections of RAW or JPEG images
  • everything is in one place which saves time for an efficient workflow
  • user friendly and simple layout (much easier to grasp than photoshop was for me)
  • easy adjustments for color and exposure treatment
  • ability to make custom presets for editing, importing and exporting (saves time!)
  • the features go on and on.... read more on their website! I'm a huge fan!

If you are a professional photographer or have hopes to be, I would recommend Lightroom for sure, but Adobe Photoshop is also handy for advanced editing. I also use photoshop for all of my designing as well.

There are tons of options for photo editing software on the market, but we have been extremely happy with the Adobe products and edit photos with them exclusively. The great thing about going with the mainstream and popular programs is that they have tons of help, support, and online tutorials available so you can teach yourself or look up solutions as you go along. We have a few tutorials as well on our youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/memorymp

Lightroom before after RAW image
^^ A Lightroom before and after with a RAW image.

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  1. Thanks for the info!! This is helpful, since I don't yet have a editing program (Well, I have an outdated Paint Shop Pro 9..) and want something versatile, not quite as in depth as photoshop, but still able to load actions on to (several photographers sell actions of their favorite photo edit settings.. saves me the time of messing around with all the settings.)

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