Friday, June 22, 2012

how to prepare to shoot a wedding // a wedding photographer's checklist

If you're asking, "how do I prepare to shoot a wedding?" or "What do I need to bring to shoot a wedding?" here is my wedding photo preparation list!

The night before: 
  • clean/organize camera gear
  • clear memory cards
  • print off shots lists, timelines, etc.
  • pack my camera bag
  • gas up the car
  • scout out photo locations if necessary
  • wash our work clothes
  • paint my nails (this is optional, but something I like to do, haha)  ;-) 
  • get a good night's rest!
kelly moore green hobo bag

What we pack in our camera bag: (Kelly Moore's green hobo bag)
  • 16-35mm, 100mm, 15mm fisheye (our 50mm & 70-200 are on our camera bodies)
kelly moore green hobo bag
  •  business cards
kelly moore green hobo bag
  •  timeline, shots list, vendor info, names of family, names of bridal party
how to photograph a wedding
  •  memory cards in a memory card wallet. (We usually bring about 6- 8GB & 4- 16GB)
how to photograph a wedding
  •  Miscellaneous things like extra flash batteries, camera battery, gum, chapstick, bobby pins, safety pins, scissors (you'd be surprised how often the girls need them while getting ready) tylonel, allerclear, tums, etc.
how to photograph a wedding
  •  And last but certainly not least.... SNACKS!
how to photograph a wedding

Extra stuff we bring in our pelican case 
The morning of the wedding we:
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Drink lots of water for hot summer days!

Want to see this in action? Check out our behind the scenes album on facebook!
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  1. Good post! I love how organized you are! Thanks for sharing. :)


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