Monday, September 17, 2012

SEPTEMBER GIVEAWAY #3 - Starbucks Card + Photography workshops!

  • The winner of last week's giveaway is Megan Yusi. Contact me to redeem your prizes!
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GIVEAWAY #3 - $200 value
2 tickets to our all day photography workshops - 
Saturday, November 3rd in Yakima
$25 Starbucks gift card, compliments of Good Vibrations Mobile DJ! 

(up to 5 entries per person)

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Good Vibrations Mobile DJ
phone: (509) 901-9335

A Professional Emcee and DJ company located in Yakima Washington.
"We strongly believe that going with the right DJ can make a party into an event. we are always seeking out ways to stay ahead of the current entertainment curves to keep every GV event fresh and lively, and we strive to ensure that everyone will have a memorable time"

Have you heard about these local photography classes?
Learn how to use your camera and take better photos! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Hilton Garden Inn - Yakima, WA

Photography 101 class description:
This class introduces you to photography fundamentals, composition, and the use of light. We will help you understand your basic camera function and camera settings (like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO). This class is for the beginner photographer with an SLR camera. It's perfect for anyone who has a love for photography and is ready to take their skill to the next level. If you've ever said, "I have a nice camera, but I don't know how to use it!" THIS is the class for you!

Photography 102 class description:
This class is an extension of photography 101. It will give you even more time to process and solidify some basic camera functions and photography topics. This class also touches on workflow, posing, and client interaction. It is for the beginner to intermediate photographer. During this class we will have the opportunity to photograph a live model, talk about our exact lighting and camera settings, and edit a photo together in Lightroom. We will also do live demonstrations of client interaction and posing.

Advanced Lighting class description:
You've asked, so here it is! A unique class solely devoted to lighting options and techniques. We will cover everything from natural light, to off camera flash setups, studio lighting, and more. Learn specific tips and tricks for lighting in different scenarios while watching live examples and demonstrations that you can put to use in the field. This class is for the intermediate to advanced photographer. We will expect that you have a good grasp on camera settings and are looking to expand your lighting knowledge.

What to expect: A casual, creative atmosphere of photography discussion.  We will provide notes, refreshments and sweet giveaways.  All you need to bring is your camera! These classes are geared more towards those interested in photographing people. Everyone will benefit  from the classes if they're looking to learn their camera settings, but we talk a lot about how to efficiently photograph and interact with your subjects.

9:15am - 9:30am Registration
9:30am-12:30pm Photography 101
12:30pm-2pm Lunch break
2pm - 4pm Photography 102
4pm - 4:30pm Mini break
4:30pm - 6:30pm Advanced Lightin
7:15pm Photographer's dinner at Olive Garden!! (optional)

Photography 101 - $39
Photography 102 - $29
Advanced Lighting - $29
Photography 101 & 102 - $59
Entire Day: Photo 101, 102 + Advanced Lighting - $88

Testimonials about the interactive workshops:

"Thank you so much for the class today Amy and Tavis. I learned so much today and am so inspired to keep learning!! Thanks also for being so transparent with what works for you in photography and business!!! Loved it!!!!"

"All I knew how to use was my ISO before this class. Now so inspired and excited to be more creative! You guys are awesome! Thank you!"

"Being a new photographer this was very inspiring. Thanks"

"THANK YOU BOTH, so much!!! For your time & talent and most of all just giving back"

"Extremely beneficial. I had a very remedial understanding of exposure. After the class I feel a lot better about it. Awesome class and I can't wait to go shoot."

REGISTER HERE for the photography classes this November!!
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  1. I would love to learn more about lighting!!:)

  2. I would love to learn how to use all the different settings on my DSLR!

  3. If I win I would probably give this to one of my friends who is very much interested in photography. (If that's okay).

  4. I need to learn EVERYTHING about taking pictures. And I'm sure my hubby would love some professional pointers too :)

  5. Ah! A class on photography would be amazing!! It's always been a "side table" passion of mine:)

  6. I would love to learn what kind of camera to get for a good price. But also I would love to learn how to take an in Thr moment shot and have it turn out right.

  7. Taking pictures of kids is so hard! They never stop moving! Help!

  8. Taking better candids of my little one!!

  9. Oh my gosh! I want to learn everything that you can teach me! I love photography, it is my stress reliever and I want to go to this workshop so badly! (and bring a friend)!!!!!!!

    Alyssa M. Lindburg

  10. I would share with my wife. She has been talking about the workshop for months!

  11. I would love to learn about photography because I know nothing!!

  12. My husband and I have been talking about this for months. We would be so excited to win...I want to learn more about lighting, manual settings and just whatever else you can both teach us. You both have such a broad knowledge about photography and I'm so happy you're willing to share it.

  13. I would really just like to learn how to use a camera!! #novice

  14. i have problems with the lights. need more hints how to use correct the reflectors.

  15. What a great giveaway idea, I need all the help I can get :)

  16. I would love to win this. I have been thinkingg about these classes and wanting to go.

  17. Winning this would be Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and "happy" every other holiday all rolled into ONE for me! =) I just want to soak it ALL in and learn how to be brave enough to take my camera off automatic mode. I'm pretty new to the DSLR world! Lighting tips, framing, DOF, you name it, I want to hear your take on it. =) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  18. I am registered to attend already but I would love to be able to gift this to my sister so she could be part of this too!I would love to learn more about lighting and more about how to use my camera!

  19. This would be so much fun! I'd love to learn how to take better pictures. :)


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