Saturday, November 10, 2012

What should I wear for family photos?

Let me offer you my advice! Here are some general guidelines that I have come up with for my clients:
  • Choose outfits that are coordinating in color, but NOT all the same color. Pick 2-3 key colors and weave them throughout your outfits.
  • Bring color in through the use of layers, assesories, shoes, etc. Don't be afraid of color. It actually brings the photos to life more!
  • Don't wear too much black. We prefer bright, vibrant images. 
  • Solids/stripes/plaid/subtle patterns all work great. It's ok to match solids with patterns. T-shirts and sweatshirts with large logos are not recommended. 
  • Glasses with transitional lenses do not look good for outdoor pictures. Clear prescription glasses are usually ok

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