Monday, April 1, 2013

Simplifying and following through // Blogs for Photogs

At WPPI several presenters mentioned things like, "Figure out your challenging areas, and outsource them or make a change" - so let me tell you about my new inspirations and scheduling plan for 2013!

I spent all weekend trying to find an online appointment scheduling program that I liked. I really need something that will give me set hours to work, schedule appointments, send clients a confirmation email with all the info they need about the session or appointment, and send them a reminder the day before. It was also really important to me that the online appointment scheduling synced with our phone/google calendars, because that's what I use when I'm on the go.

I got the trial version for several programs: Genbook, Book'd, Schedule Once, Book Fresh & Coconut Calendar... but the one I ultimately decided to stick with was.....  for $30/month

As I was doing research, I looked into fullslate but didn't start the trial with them right away because I wasn't impressed with their website. :) As I gave them a try, I really liked their scheduling system and my FAVORITE feature that no one else had was the instant sync with my google calendar. Other companies claimed to do a sync, but it took 3-24 hours, and I just didn't want to risk double booking in that time it takes to sync, ya know?

I'm excited that this program is going to start helping me simplify my schedule, set boundaries for work and personal hours, and follow through with appointment scheduling reminder emails!!

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