Friday, June 14, 2013

Denise & Zachary's wedding sneak peek - Huntley Lodge Cle Elum, WA

Cle Elum Wedding Photographers

This wedding was perfect! Very calm... Everyone was very relaxed and easy going and I can't think of a single hiccup in the whole day. Or maybe the hiccups weren't a big deal because the couple was so easy going! I loved how much time they spent with their guests, enjoying each other’s' company and conversation. Because the Huntley Lodge is like a little retreat, it felt like everyone was on a mini vaca up in Cle Elum on this huge property with lots of cabins. Some of my favorite photos were out in the forest and in the wild flowers!  Another cool thing about this wedding was the "guest book" idea. Each guest wrote a note on a square for a quilt, very cool! My turquoise Kelly Moore bag really came in handy at this wedding. First of all, one of the bridesmaids noticed and commented on it because it's my camera bag but looks like a purse. Throughout the day I was able to use many of it's awesome contents. Allerclear for allergies (we're out in the wilderness), lotion to help the groom get his ring on, a safety pin to fix the bride's dress when something popped, scissors, and my scarf to dab some wet flowers. This is all above and beyond its normal use for holding my gear, snacks, batteries, gum and chapstick. I'm IN LOVE with this bouquet and the back of her dress.... so I decided to feature these pictures first!!

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  1. These are amazing - we can't wait to see the rest of them! You guys were awesome and so helpful with all the details we never would have thought of. Thank you!


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