Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shannon & Nick

I truly consider it an honor to photograph some very sweet moments for brides and grooms. If you think about it, we spend more time around them than anyone else on their wedding day. We're witnessing their every moment and emotion first hand. We see all of the joy, all of the happy tears, all of the excitement. This may sound weird, but even I tear up on wedding days. When I see two wonderful people like this come together, it makes me so happy for them and their lives together. I get very emotionally invested in these wedding days! Seeing this joy in couples also makes me appreciate my own husband more, and how much he also adores me and builds me up. Going to weddings gives me a glimpse of pure bliss and is such a great boost and reminder of Christ's love for us!

Check out some of these moments & details.... you don't want to miss Shannon's handmade dress stitched together of pieces from her moms dress and other dresses, their thumbprints in their family Bible during the communion ceremony, the letters she gave Nick during their first look, the horse drawn carriage getaway and the "Shannon & Nick" stockings hanging on the fireplace!

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