Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life events that influenced my emotions. And my career

Tavis and I photographed a wedding in Yakima today. You really can learn a lot about a couple during two times on the wedding day: the first look and the speeches. And today these two things were actually woven together. 

Kevin was turned around on Yakima avenue facing the tower on the corner of 4th street. Cassie and I get out of her dad's big white truck at the Hilton and I get in place to photograph. (I'm giddy because I love first looks AND couples sessions. And I love the rest of the day too actually come to think of it) Anyway. Cassie crosses the street and taps Kevin on the shoulder, and he embraces her and tears up a bit. All the while some other tears are happening that I didn't find out about until later. (No, Tavis wasn't crying) I heard about this moment when her dad shared about it during his toast. He was also witnessing this first look and that's when he "lost it" sitting in his truck across the street. 

I feel like I have a deeper emotional connection since carrying and having my own child. When I hear things like this and when I see parents look at their kids I understand what they're feeling. I feel like I can relate to family love, legacy and dynamics much better now. In turn, this helps me photograph weddings better because I've not only been a bride and can relate, but I can also photograph moments from a parent perspective and really understand what matters to parents and what will matter to this new family's legacy as well. Does it sound like I'm on a sentimental tangent or what!? Sorry. Stick with me. It's just that so much has happened in the past few months. Birth, emotions, sickness, death in the family. Life is short, and I feel all the more inspired to soak in the goodness that God has given us, and not waste the little time on earth. I want to photograph life! Like Becky higgins says, "cultivate a good life and record it" yes!!! 

So when you hire me to photograph you, you're not just getting a gal with some sweet camera skills and storytelling ability. (Hehe) You're getting all this deep, gushy emotional thought and inspiration that comes with it whether you like it or not. When you hire us to photograph you, I truly care about you and your family! I get completely wrapped up in the day and the excitement just like a wedding guest. I cry sometimes and I always laugh with the speeches just like I've known you for years ;) 

That's my day. Another life event documented and in the books. End sentimental tangent! 
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