Monday, September 21, 2015

Kate + Jared || Puyallup Wedding Photography

Puyallup Wedding Photographers

Tavis and Amy photographed this wedding at Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, WA. We had the pleasure of working with Baked, the cake and cupcake artist, with floral artist Shannon Radich, with Sounds Unlimited and with C.I. Shenanigans the phenomenal caterer.

Here are some interesting details and facts about Kate and Jared's wedding...

The venue and the weather couldn't have been any more perfect! There was an abundance of beautiful shaded, private foresty areas for portraits, as well as tons of beautiful landscaping and rocks. It was a true picturesque garden. We didn't have wind or rain and it was the perfect temperature.

Kate and Jared are best friends that adore each other. Their day was filled with joy, love, respect and passion. Both sets of parents have been married around 30 years and are awesome examples of love. You could feel the happiness and support all around amongst their families. We did a special first look with Kate's dad as well, while mom and sister were watching from a distance.

Kate wore a Seahawks garter which was a surprise for Jared. This wedding also had tons of beautiful flower arrangements designed by their friend from Ellensburg who makes silk floral arrangements. They looked great! Their wedding theme was Tiffany blue, blush pink and some bling accents. Kate's ring was very beautiful and ornately detailed. Kate and Jared met at the Starlight in Ellensburg, and that is also where they got engaged!

During the ceremony, everyone got a huge laugh when the officiant said, "Oh, I just got a text, I need to take that...Oh! It's a text from Jesus." And then he said something like... "Jesus says you're going to have a great life together!"

Kate and Jared! We agree with this text from Jesus! ;) May you have a fabulous honeymoon and a blessed marriage!

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