Sunday, December 20, 2015

Loyalty Reward Program - A Subscription Based Portrait Membership

Benefits to you:
  1. Document your family for special events and as kids grow
  2. Have cute photos for the Christmas card every year
  3. Spread out the portrait investment over time and be rewarded!
We match 15% monthly - You receive an annual studio credit of $345
We match 15% monthly- You receive an annual studio credit of $345
We match 25% monthly - You receive an annual studio credit of $1875
    How to subscribe to our portrait membership:
    1) Read the terms and conditions below
    2) Fill out this portrait membership application and click submit
    3) Choose your subscription option and complete the payment information
    4) We will email you a confirmation!

    Fill out my online form.


    Loyalty Rewards Program Terms and Conditions:

    How it works:
    After subscribing, your account is set up on convenient monthly auto-withdraws through paypal. Depending on the option you choose, we will match a percentage of your credit. For example, with option 3 you submit $125, we match 25% ($31.25) so your studio credit balance is $156.25. (After a year it will be $1875) You earn rewards monthly as a loyal Memory Montage client. We will send a statement rewards balance email twice per year.

    How and when to use your rewards:
    Contact the studio when you're ready to schedule your portrait sessions. There is no expiration date on your rewards so you can wait longer in between and let them rollover if you'd like. Even if you go over a year without redeeming, we will continuing matching the same percent during your subscription and our matching percents will never decrease.

    What to use rewards on:
    Your subscription turns directly into a studio credit. The studio credit can be used on any of our portrait sessions, prints or products. It does not apply towards wedding packages or photography classes. Click here to read all about our family sessions, wall art and products, and follow this link to see our Portrait Service Agreement Online

    You can cancel the portrait subscription at any time but there are no money refunds for past payments. You will still have access to your reward balance of studio credit even after cancelling. Again, the rewards never expire!

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