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30 days to plan a wedding: Tips and advice from recent bride Cloey Taylor

how to plan a wedding in one month
Hi there! Thank you for your interest in "How to Plan a Wedding in 30 Days"! Here is a little bit about myself, my husband, and the whys and hows of planning a wedding on short notice. My name is Cloey Taylor, and I am the administrative assistant here at Memory Montage Photography.

This past year (2016) I married the funniest, most genuine, Christ centered man I know. This awesome man, Matthew, proposed to me in August 2016 on the beautiful Oregon coast. It is easily one of my favorite memories. The moment I said "yes" to joining my best friend in the adventure of a lifetime. How could that not be the best moment ever (second to getting married)?! We were planning on having the wedding summer of 2017. However, our lives took a turn for the better.

We all know what it's like to be nonstop busy. I am not just talking about for a day...I mean for weeks, months, sometimes even years! The day after Matthew proposed to me I had to move 3 hours away to Spokane, WA for a show I was performing in. The rehearsal and show process was 10 weeks total. Of course, 3 hours wouldn't stop us from seeing each other. Every other week Matthew would make the drive over to visit with me. Mind you it seemed like every other month! Anyways, we were living in that crazy busy lifestyle. I am not saying that is bad, but when you are engaged, the hardest part is every day leading up to the wedding. So maybe being busy was a good thing? I guess it kept us distracted.

Once my show closed we thought we would have more time together. However, I was in school full time and he was working full time. In different towns. Basically, we weren't seeing each other anymore than before. The wedding  planning was being put aside. Well here is where things get interesting...finals week of fall quarter rolled around, and we realized how bad we wanted to live together and constantly be with each other. Being raised in Christian households, living together before marriage wasn't really on the radar. Winter break was one month, and trust me, I never thought I would have done this in a month. It was actually my mother who mentioned the idea. She is a wedding planner/coordinator so she played a vital roll in essentially everything.

After just four long nights of weighing out our options we came to the conclusion that we would get married before winter quarter began. 30 days. Let the nonstop wedding planning commence!

Now that you know my back story, I would love to give you some helpful guidelines to follow when planning a wedding. Honestly, these are good to follow no matter the timeline. However, when you have one month, staying organized and on top of everything is key. Here are the help categories:

  1. Budget.
  2. Venue
  3. Guests & Invitations
  4. Vendors
  5. Details Upon Details
  6. Shopping
  7. The Dress
  8. The Big Day

I know everyone says this, but having a budget is SO important. Including the venue, dress, food, decorations, DJ, hair, makeup, and everything in between. Matthew and I are so thankful to be surrounded by family and friends who love to give and help in anyway possible. People love weddings. You shouldn't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help! I found over time my family was actually be really excited to help. That being said, let's move on to the planning...


First things first, obviously you need a location to get married! My wedding date was December 30th, which meant we would be getting married inside. I can't tell you how many times I prayed and wrote about finding a location. I had attended a few weddings at Cascade Garden in Yakima, but only during the summer time. Come to find out they have a cozy lodge on the property. Exactly what we were looking for! By December 4th we were set to have our wedding at Cascade Garden. Our prayers were answered! My tip for you is to keep your options open when searching for a venue. There are many dreamy locations that aren't advertised as wedding venues as well.

Guests and invitations.
Due to the quick decision to get married in a month, we wanted our wedding to be small, intimate, and family oriented. We have a lot of friends, so this was a hard choice for us. On the bright side, we are making plans to have a reception with all of our friends this summer. Now that you have a date and venue set, get those invitations out! My mom, Aunt, and I handmade my invitations. That was huge money saver. By December 8th they were sent out! We had already reached out to most everyone about the wedding, but we still wanted to send out invitations.

The next step is booking the rest of the vendors. That includes hair, makeup, dresses, suits, DJ, coordinator, cake baker, caterer, photographer, and videographer. For me, having my wedding photographed exquisitely was a high priority. My mother in law is a photographer, but I wanted her to enjoy the wedding day. She found a wonderful photographer just three weeks before the wedding. Thank goodness winter weddings aren't super popular!

Details upon details.
It is important to have someone with you when you are planning. This gives you a second pair of eyes to see your vision come to life. Plan with someone you trust. In my case it was my mother! Her and I share similar tastes in a lot of things so I had faith in her decision making skills. You also have a fiance who I am sure would love to help in anyway. The less stressed you are, the better!

Not going lie, about half of my wedding was from Amazon. My bridesmaids dresses and flower crowns were from Amazon, as well as the groomsmen and grooms shoes. A million other things that I  don't have time to list were also purchased from there. Seriously, take advantage of that online shopping! It not only saves you a trip to the store, but in many cases, money.

The dress. 
This is most Bride's favorite part. Wedding dress shopping can be so fun! This part was a little stressful for me, because I am a smaller size, pretty picky, and on a a short timeline. I ended up finding the perfect long sleeve and lace gown at David's Bridal. The dress wasn't the right size, but they were able to have my size in a week! December 13th we went back to try on the dress and it was still way too large. Thankfully we were able to get it altered perfectly! I never imaged myself in a long sleeve dress, but now that I wore one I couldn't see it any other way. Dresses can drain your budget, so be open to trying on as many different styles as you can! You never know if you will like it until you try, right?

The big day. 
You made it! The big day has arrived. Make sure you or your coordinator takes time to make a timeline for the day. Things can get chaotic quick with no guidance. You don't want people to be standing around bored all day. We had a coco stand and cookie bar after the ceremony while we greeted our guests. Everyone loved it! Especially because it was chilly outside.

I could go on and on about the 30 day wedding planning. There is no perfect way to plan a wedding because everyone has their way of doings certain things. In my opinion, the above points are the most important to keep in mind. Overall, try your best to remain calm and don't hesitate to ask for help. Look on the bright side, you get to marry your best friend at the end of it all!

Photos by Ashley Loyer:

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